Beautiful Melodies

Music. It’s something I have a strong positive passion for. Whenever a beautiful melody is playing in my ears I feel at home; I feel at peace with my surroundings. Even if the song that is playing is upbeat and crazy I keep calm and collected while listening to the story that is being told. Sometimes when I am in most depressed mood and there is no one I could turn to it’s music that’s there. I could go on and on about how much music means to me but I don’t want to bore you with the things many people have said. On that note I will say that music is something my life revolves around literally. If I ever lose my headphones or they break I find a way to listen to it even if I have to blare it out of the speakers on my laptop, the speaker on my phone or on my iPod; I must have the sound of music around me. There, honestly, hasn’t been a day where I have not listened to music, even if it’s just one song. 


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