What frustrates me most about school.

School frustrates me, a lot. There are many reasons for this but the main reason behind my frustration is the high amounts of work and pressure the teachers apply to the students. Now-a-days students are expected to attend school for 8 hours a day, for five days a week, and then go home and do a high amount of homework that relates to what we did in class that day. Most adults think that this isn’t a problem for us because n the old days there wasn’t as much technology as there is today and people automatically assume things are easier for us because we have more technology but all it does is make teachers pile more work onto students. I have four older sisters, three of which are graduated, and when they come over and visit they always see me doing homework and they complain and make comments about how when they were in school it wasn’t as bad as it is, today. 


8 thoughts on “What frustrates me most about school.

    1. It is really annoying on how much pressure teachers put on us and on top of that when we don’t finish something they get upset and angry at us. Do they not realize we have 6/7 other classes to keep up with.

      1. For real girl, supposedly it’s supposed to get us prepared for college and everything. But not only that they have to realize we have more problems to deal with back at home. Especially if we have a job we have to focus on our after school job plus all the homework.

      2. Alexa, I love you, okay?

        You completely understand what I am trying to say and even things I haven’t yet said. I don’t think that it’s like this in college to be honest, well not as bad, if it is then I may want to rethink my college plans or just learn to deal with it.

      3. True that. One thing that confuses me is that in college they really don’t care about attendance so why do they make such a big deal about it? College basically doesn’t care because it’s our money were spending and then again attendance is supposed to make us learn to go to school but in college I don’t think Im going to be skipping school and just wasting my money.

      4. I think they don’t care because of the point you made, that it’s your money being wasted, and because it’s not them that’s going to be failing the class.

  1. It is hard at first with al of the homework, but it will get better hun lol i remember i had sooo much homework that i thought i was going to pull my hair out. But as i got to be a junior and senior, it all got better and now i hardly ever have any homework lol chin up babe xD

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