The common double standard of society.

the guy gets the glory the more he can score while the girl can do the same yet you call her a whore.

Cant Hold Us Down by Christina Aguilera ft. Lil’ Kim

Okay, I know it’s much of a topic but it has to be written about and Mrs. Waters i sincerely apologize for the curse word above in the block quotes but this is to state my opinion on a serious topic that has been going on for generations. 

Woman have always been viewed as a minority when it comes to being put next to a man. I know that sentence may sound weird and you may not understand it so here are a couple examples.

1.) In the bible when there is a divorce going on people in the area are told to throw stones at the woman, even if she is not at fault. 

2.) It took woman years to have the ability to vote.

3.) A guy can play multiple girls and get called the man while a girl can do the same exact thing get the label of being a (excuse my french) whore. 

It’s not exactly right nor’ fair. Woman carry a lot of weight on their shoulders from having to stay home and be expected to cook and clean (old days reference) to being judged on every little thing they wear or how they look.

I don’t exactly see what the whole difference between a male and a female truly is other than physical appearance. So, please, sexist people, enlighten me with your ‘words of wisdom’.


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