Shooting Season: It’s not just Sandy Hook

A few months back all you would hear about was the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary that killed 26 children and adults. It was on the news, in the newspaper and all over social networking sites. With that outburst out everyone was paying close mind to such a thing that hasn’t happened in the last ‘decade’, as some students at Creekview have put it, but I was on the internet searching for stories to catch up on and I saw a shooting category and in the category there were ten other stories I had never even heard about.

Clackamas Town Center, a gunman killed two people and wounded a third while the holiday shopping spree occurred back in 2012. At St. Vincent’s Hospital wounding three people, an officer and two employees. In April 2007 a student at Virginia Tech 32 people were shot by a student on campus.

There are a few stories that I have yet to hear about on the news, or social networking sites. Guaranteed these shootings happened years ago but take a look at the one in April of 2007, thirty-two students were killed by one of their own peers. What’s the difference between twenty-six kids/adults and thirty-two college students? Nothing. These should be mentioned because it shows that it’s wrong to kill anybody not just elementary students and teachers.

The Columbine shooting back in 1999 got a lot of attention because it was one of the first shootings to have occurred at a school but only nineteen people were killed. I don’t know if they base the ‘killer’ stories by how gruesome the shootings re or by the body count but if anything some of these stories that I never really heard about should ave been mentioned, even if it wasn’t around Texas or in another country.

Shootings are a big deal and most aren’t often shown. It really only gets attention if it takes place in a school and children are dying but when in reality most stories should be heard.


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