Kate Middleton Dares to be Normal.


Kate Middleton Dares to Appear in Public With a Post-Pregnancy Belly by Allie Jones

Okay, now I have a few things to say about the title and opening sentence, well the entirely lead. Now, I am no Professional Journalist heck I don’t think I can really be considered a Journalist but I need to explain how wrong this is.


The article, which is located hereis well-put together minus the lead and title of this story. First of all, when did it become a shameful thing to have a post-pregnancy belly? If anything it should be beautiful and extraordinary. It shows that the woman was strong enough to carry a human life for nine months. Nine months with out-of-control hormones and painful contractions. Pregnancy alone is beautiful so why isn’t the post-belly? Hmm?

The Lead, oh my. I cant exactly place my feelings for this. “According to The Associated Press, Kate Middleton made the bold, applause-worthy choice to appear in public before her post-pregnancy belly went back to normal.”. Bold, applause-worthyBold, applause-worthy. Walking out in public with a post-pregnancy belly is not a bold action; it’s normal. Who cares if she is a celebrity or a well known human being?


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